Pete Rose Sucks
Does anyone really give a rat's red ass where this bag of dirt is at any given time? As long as he and his smarmy attitude are nowhere near any of us, we don't really care where he is. Pete has no respect for anyone or anything other than himself, least of all the game of baseball and real baseball fans.
Pete is not hard to find. Being the megalomaniac of all megalomaniacs and douchiest of all bags, he is always out there hawking some worthless piece of garbage to his misguided minions. Stand on any street corner and hold out a one dollar bill (or I guess in Pete's case a fifty). Before too long Charlie Dirt Ball will come by and grab that cash out of your hand.
If you can't find him in your home town, head out to Vegas and look for the biggest scum bag bookie you can find. Chances are Pete will be standing right beside him making some sort of losing wager. Still can't find him, click on the menu above and contact us. We won't do a damn thing to help you find Pete but at least someone else will know that you can't find him!
Screw Pete!
Pete Sucks
Meet Pete's Bookie
Pete Shops At Ticket Liquidators!
Pete gets a new sponsor. Very appropriate!
Pete Rose Sucks