We firmly believe that Pete Rose is the largest bag of douche to have ever worn a baseball uniform at any level of the game. His actions have done more harm to baseball than those of any other player or group of players in the modern era. Rose is the worst role model that any parent can hold out for their children. The man has not one ounce of integrity in his body and has no respect for the game of baseball what so ever.

The absolute worst thing that baseball could ever do is enshrine this asshole into the hall of fame. Pete was the cheapest and dirtiest player we have seen play and we have been watching the game for over 50 years.

Pete do us all a favor. Sit down, shut up, and go the fuck away. It has been over twenty years since you gave your word that you would accept a lifetime ban from the game. You knew when you bet on games that this was the prescribed punishment. Man up and accept your punishment and stop acting like a little girl whining about getting back in the game you disgraced so badly. No one wants to see your disgusting mug hawk worthless crap any more. You are a disgrace to the game, the uniform you wore, and anyone whoever played baseball at any level.